…What’s after the Jum’ah Khutba…?mic

?…ما بعد خطبة الجمعة

The Friday Khutba represents a weekly peak moment for Muslims. Perhaps the Khutba does not represent a peak moment but the gathering of the Muslims does. Friday is a day of Prayer, Fraternity, and Renewal – or at least it should be. Characterized as a weekly Eid its supposed to be a moment of upliftment.  But what if it is not a moment of upliftment and what if it is the question is what comes after Ju’ma? What next? Is there life beyond the Khutba?

There are other modes of expressing Islam that differ from the Khutba model. The Khutba model is an example of one-way communication wherein the audience observes silence and the speaker dominates the floor. In education this is termed the lecture model and is considered the weakest model in education because it does not allow room for interaction and dialogue or even questioning for clarification. Now this does not take away from the Khutba because the initial intent of the Khutba is to inspire and motivate, remind and chastise. Taking the Khutba as the sole means of education is an issue but the Khutba is not to be blamed because of it form and style. Now we may bring some critique to the delivery of the Khutba by the Khatib (speaker) but the structure of communication that we know as the Khutba is only one means of communication.

Therefore we have to ask: What after the Khutba? Islamic discourse can not focus only  on the Khutba model, a one-way discourse but it should be diverse and appropriate to various occasions. That being the case we must learn the various modes of Islamic discourse rather than limit our discourse to the Khutba approach and then try to force that mode upon various occasions of life from the class-room to inter-personal communication. One-way communication is not suitable to properly communication is all life situations.

What after the Khutba?

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