The Shaukani Institute For the Study of Islamic Sciences and Leadership is rooted in seminal ideas found in the Islamic scholarly tradition (classical and contemporary).

Its Mission is to aid students of knowledge develop a sound foundation. This chief objective is to be achieved by generating study circles, programming, work-shops and course work that will support learning in a systematic manner infused by traditional and contemporary approaches to education.

Its Vision is to develop a mature research-oriented approach to learning and practice rooted in the traditions of al-Azhar ash-Sharif and the philosophy of Imam Shaukani as embodied in his classical work Adab at Talib and in the thinking of a number of other scholars such as (but not limited to) Shah Wali Ullah, and Ibn Khaldun.

The means of learning will be live and online.

The Institute is currently under the guidance of:

Yusuf Rios

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